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Christians today are known more often by what we are against than what we are for. We want to change that perception. God proved His extravagant love for us by sending His only Son, Jesus, to live, die, and rise again for us. We believe it is our privilege to learn to love as generously as He does.

We want to live that out in a number of ways. When we meet you, we want you to feel welcome. We want you to know that you matter to God by showing you that you matter to us. It is our pleasure to accept you for who you are, not to judge you for who you are not. We want to hear your story. We will be compassionate about your struggles.

We will apply grace and truth to our conversations with you. We are eager to let God’s love flow through us. We will strive to do anything we can – even by getting out of our comfort zone – to help you get to know more about our wonderful Savior.

Open Arms is a part of the body of Christ. We are committed to fulfilling our mission together. We are participants, not spectators. We will work together as a family, not as individuals. Here is where the “YOUs” become “WEs.”

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